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G&C Systems

G&C Systems is the leading manufacturer of ventilation systems for the automotive industry. We are specialised in rooftop ventilators, internal ventilation valves, axial ventilators, radial ventilators, lighting, roofhatches, rollerblinds and various other products, for example; speedcontrols, switches, snowfilters and many other associated items!

G&C Systems delivers their products and ventilation-solutions to the following customer base.  

• Bus- and coachbuilders
• Bodybuilders
• Vehicle on-board equipment installers
• Constructors of military vehicles
• Constructors of cattletrucks / Horsebox / Animal Transportation 
• Constructors of ambulances-/ fire-brigade- and police vehicles
• Boatbuilders
• Camper/ caravanbuilders

The aim of G&C Systems is to deliver with their knowledge and experience, a complete product program. We also strive to continualy design and manufacture new ideas and product solutions.
It is also possible to develop exclusively for, or in co-operation with cutomers, ventilation systems to meet with specific requirements, using both client ideas or specifications, together with our own experience, research and development.
Because of the high quality products, fast delivery, and back up services, we are appreciated by customers worldwide. 

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