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Did you know that our G&C products are not just for standard use? They’re also the ideal choice for horsetrucks! Our range is tailor-made for vehicles transporting animals, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the journey.

When it comes to ensuring proper airflow within horsetrucks, our electric rooftop ventilator paired with an interior rosette is the go-to solution. The V12 interior rosette can be seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s electrical system, allowing for convenient control from the cabin. For added functionality and style, our flowerpower interior rosette can even be equipped with a lamp, 12/24V.

But that’s not al, alongside our ventilators, our roof hatches are also commonly installed. Choose between our small roof hatch (530×530) or the larger emergency hatch (970×530). The large hatch is also an emergency hatch,

In addition to ventilation, lighting is crucial. Our round and rectangular lamps are perfect for installation, offering both daytime and nighttime illumination.

Experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics with G&C products in your horsetruck today!


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