Exhaust Ventilator

02-1030 / 02-1030-ZW

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Available in Black/White


The mechanical ventilator is ideal for ventilating your commercial vehicle. Often used in combination with a self-rotating or electrically powered roof fan. It can also be used very well as a stand-alone. This is an air vent without mechanical moving parts.

This fan works by means of a so-called venturi effect. The wind passing over the fan “pulls” air from the space below. So there is only ventilation or flow when the vehicle is in motion.

The fan is made of ABS material. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, it is practically inaudible. Because the air vent requires no power, its installation is fairly simple. Due to the low height of the fan, it can also be used in combination with a roof rack.

We recommend also our floor ventilatior for a good supply of fresh air.

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)


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