Le Mans

02-2200 / 02-2200-ZW / 02-2300 / 02-2300-ZW / 02-2900

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Available in Black/White
Available in 12/24V
EMC Approved


The Le Mans Rooftop Ventilator, where style meets functionality. Our ventilator has a sleek design with a streamlined cover. The Le Mans ventilator is your solution for efficient airflow in public vehicles, horsetrucks, and commercial vehicles. The Le mans Ventilator is available in both 12/24V options, it offers flexibility to suit your specific power requirements. Choose the motor option that best fits your needs or choose the motorless version.


Speedcontrol: Take control of your ventilation with the optional speedcontrol. Adjust the airflow according to your preferences for a customized experience.

Internal Ventilation Valve: Extand the functionality of your Le Mans ventilator with the internal ventilation valve; with the open and close option.

Snow Filter:
Protect against external elements, allowing your ventilator to operate smoothly even in challenging conditions.

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)


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