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The 3-position switch for our rooftop ventilato; this is ideally suited for use with the LeMans electric rooftop ventilator. This is a double changeover switch. This allows you to switch the fan between intake, exhaust or switch off. The switch can be used in various configurations. Such as with the LeMans, LeMans LL Brushless, Round roof fan and the Winglet. The switch is suitable for most cars. Can easily be pressed into a holder if the car is prepared for this. To be sure, check the dimensions of the mounting hole in advance.

The switch is a round built-in model. A speed control can also be used in combination with the switch. This can make the extractor run steplessly from 0 to 100%. Remember, the slower the fan runs, the less air movement there is.

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)


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