Ceiling Flow

24-0008 / 24-0009

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Available in Black/White
Plug & Play
Remote Control included
Frame for solid ceiling available


Ceilingflow is the specialist in the field of professional ceiling fans. We supply an innovative ceiling fan that is new on the Dutch market. Our ceiling fan contributes to the ideal indoor climate at any time of the year. A comfortable indoor climate contributes significantly to a pleasant working environment and an increase in productivity. Cooling on warmer days through air flow and making optimal use of the vertical temperature profile of your heat source on colder days. The ceiling fan from Ceilingflow is ideal for this at any time of the year.

With a low noise level, low power consumption, individual setting options, large capacity and plug & play installation, the Ceilingflow ceiling fan is the solution for the ideal indoor climate. Moreover, it can be quickly realized without installation costs or installation work and is very affordable! The Ceilingflow is suitable for use in offices, workshops, showrooms, shops, schools, catering kitchens, meeting rooms and server rooms.

Plug & Play
Specially designed for seamless installation in a suspended ceiling; Remove the ceiling tile, insert the Ceilingflow, plug it in and play! No installation costs or installation work required.

Environmental & energy friendly
Our ceiling fans are made of recyclable ABS plastic and have RoHS certification. They are also low in power consumption. In winter, the fan optimally distributes the warm air throughout the room and in summer, the fan ensures an optimal, non-disruptive air flow.

The brushless motor is protected against short circuit or excessive peak voltage. Equipped with CE approval and LVD certification. Can also be operated without a remote control.

Fits in any suspended ceiling, easy to move when reorganizing workplaces, internal or external relocation, temporary locations or rental properties. Can also be used with a fixed ceiling or industrial ceiling finish.

Good ventilation is necessary for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate and helps to limit the transmission of respiratory infections, such as COVID-19. Ventilation is refreshing the indoor air with fresh outside air 24 hours a day. The outside air always replaces part of the air in the room that is contaminated with, among other things, particulate matter and moisture. The ceiling fan helps with this.

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)

See here an instructional video on how to install the ceiling flow fan.


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