Turbo III

02-6000 / 02-6100

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Available in Black/White
Roof cut out 80 mm
Complete with open/close valve


This wind-powered rooftop ventilator Turbo 3 ensures constant, healthy extraction of the air in your commercial vehicle. The mechanical rooftop ventilator is made of ABS. De Turbo 3 fits under most roof racks with a mounting height of 59.5 mm.  The bore hole is 99 mm and the installation depth is 14.5 mm. The diameter of the fan is 210 mm. This fan comes standard with interior grill and shutter. Mounting set suitable for roof thickness 1 mm – 17 mm. Application examples: Venting boats, animal transport and coaches

On the inside of the commercial vehicle, the roof fan is stylishly finished with a grille. This smaller version of the Turbo 2 is easy to assemble and requires no glue! To achieve optimal air flow, we advise you to install our floor ventilator

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)




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