Rooftop Ventilator Round

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Available in Black/White
EMC approved
Available in 12/24V


Our round electric rooftop venitlator ensures a healthy supply and exhaust of air in your commercial vehicle, camper or car. The electric rooftop ventilator is  made of ABS and has a different shape than the LeMans. The voltage is 12 Volts and the consumption is 80 Watts. The fan is available in black and white. You can reduce the noise of the fan by using a speed controller/speed controller.  The air flow is 850 M³/H.

By using the 3-position switch you can control the intake and extraction of this fan. To achieve optimal air flow, we advise you to install a floor ventilator.

Application examples: Damp loading areas, animal transport, chemical transport, campers and caravans, trailers, houseboats etc.

Optional to order: Speedcontrol, Switch, Internal venitlation Valve/Grill, Snow Filter.

For more technical information, see the PDF file (Download)



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